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PostPosted: 07 Jan 2013, 19:39 

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I have been working as an Erotic Dancer for going on 9 months now. I began in order to quickly save enough money to cover my tuition expenses for graduate school, and I'm proud to say I was successful. The club I dance at is clean and quite safe. Many of the dancers there are NOT drug abusers, but college students like myself just trying to get by a little easier. Recently, I've been concerned with the moral justifications behind lap dancing. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy doing it and it's without question, a means to a better end. It can greatly increase a woman's self-confidence, allow for a fun and relaxed work environment, promote financial security, etc etc. But of course, there's drawbacks. Even in the nicest of clubs, there is occasional pressure to engage in prostitution, and many of the weaker minded woman certainly do so under the table. Men who frequent a strip joint oftentimes begin to devalue their relationship with their spouses, especially when dancers promote the allure of undivided attention, and false attraction to customers. I myself am an ethical relativist, and I think there's not a right or wrong way to view erotic dancing. It's not an evil. Yet, there remains the need for myself as an individual, to feel that I'm not contributing something negative to society. We're all in this thing together, and happy people tend to look out for the well-being of others. So these drawbacks do bother me. Now let me put it this way. Suppose that due to the sometimes negative consequences involving those who choose to partake in the allure of the sex industry in excess, our society decides it's better to eliminate lap dancing clubs altogether. Now there's one VERY big problem here, and it goes like this. If we're going to simply eliminate everything that human beings can abuse or misuse in some manner, we would also have to outlaw alcohol, bars, casino's, pornography.... you get the point. Freedom here is the issue. Every human being is responsible for their own choices, and while some people may find their lives worsened because of a simple pleasure like erotic dancing, then this is so only because they've let it be this way. As a dancer, I see people who come in, have a good time every so often, and leave with a smile. These people are wise enough to know, that all good things are best used in moderation. You might say that for every 'sin', there's a good time and place. And you bet, lots of men who come into strip clubs are the sort who probably should avoid them. They may come in and leave with increased tendencies to objectify women, among several other possibilities. But still, would we opt to shut down a bar because some of the patrons are alcoholics? Or some of them may (and often do) choose to drive home intoxicated, risking the lives of others?
Yet.... this line of reasoning doesn't 100% ease my conscience.
I'd like to continue dancing in order to get myself through college without racking up a ton of debt, but I want to feel good about it too! I'd love to hear any thoughts on the matter. Please share any views you might have.

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