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PostPosted: 17 Dec 2016, 02:39 
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digestive system. Just as the seasons provide variety in our diet with the different fruits and vegetables coming in out of season, cross pollination adds variety to our diets by providing genetic variety. This is important because eating the same thing day after day makes the body allergic to your favorite foods.Modern day wheat is mostly a monoclonal hybrid that does not have the genetic variety found in Majestic Wheat. Neither will it germinate to produce another wheat plant. But hence Jamie Benn Stars Jersey , after it is harvested, it is stored on average for three to four years in bunkers where toxic gases and insidious molds and other pathogens can proliferate.To top it off, wheat is often so finely ground, over-processed and bleached at the mill that insects have difficulty finding life-sustaining nourishment in this food product. This wheat is so finely ground that it bypasses our digestion process in the digestive tract and shunts directly into the bloodstream causing blood sugar spikes and allergic reactions. I remember growing up with a wheat sifter to sift out the husks and weevils from the flour before we added it to our baking recipes. Nowadays there is no need to sift our flour because insects seek other sources of nutrition and leave this less nutritious wheat powder alone.Wheat, and some other grains that contain a protein called gluten, are rich in glutamine and proline. Proteins in these grains and their related peptides can damage the intestines -- as in the case of Celiac disease -- by stimulating the natural transglutaminase enzymes. These gluten proteins and consequent enzyme peptides cut and damage the sensitive villi in the intestines. Villi are tiny finger-like epithelial formations that greatly increase the absorptive surface area of the intestines, and are responsible for the uptake of properly digested nutrients. When the villi are damaged or destroyed, this thrusts unprepared foods and metabolites directly into the bloodstream, causing anemia and folate shortages Gump Worsley Stars Jersey , along with both immune system and increased insulin responses. Gluten sensitivity plus intestinal damage equals Celiac disease.Another component of wheat and rye grains is a sticky protein called lectin which enters the epithelial cells and causes inflammatory reactions that also damage the villi and other cells in the body. Lectin is also a protein that is linked to Crohn

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