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My kids are the coolest
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Author:  Apsu [ 08 Nov 2007, 11:26 ]
Post subject:  My kids are the coolest

So, a little background to the story. I have always raised my kids with the thought of their freedom to do and become whatever they want when they grow up. The one thing I never wanted to do was to raise them to be like me, so I really support their individuality and free thinking when they display it, and in this process they have become very different little people. We've got two vegetarians, both girls, the boy and parents eat meat. Oldest daughter (14) is wiccan, youngest daughter (9) has not made any decisions on a belief system yet, and the boy (12) is an atheist. I really love the dynamics and types of conversation that come out of this mix of people, as we're all tolerant and respectful of each others beliefs, but we do talk about things from each our own perspective often, and there is a fair amount of razzing in fun.

So, Monday I made two large batches of chili that we could eat over the next few nights without spending a lot of time making dinner. Monday night my oldest daughter starts commenting on how cruel of a joke it would be for someone to switch the meals since they both looked alike and trick a vegetarian into eating the meat.

Tuesday night we're again eating chili for dinner, this time my wife is warming it up in individual bowls in the oven over some corn chips with cheese while the kids are cleaning up the house. She lays out the plates according to where they usually sit (my oldest daughter by the way is already very upset after performing poorly in her martial arts class that night), and as they finish cleaning, one by one they come and sit down and begin to eat. We're having a somewhat emotional chat during all of this as my oldest came home so upset, and we're not paying a lot of attention to where they're sitting immediately. After a few bites my wife says to my daughter, "Um... you're eating out of your brother's plate." They of course, for some reason all sat in different seats than normal.

So, my daughter is reacting very emotionally, doing her best to spit it all out into the trash while the rest of us switch their plates to the right ones and continue eating. I, after a minute of looking at the situation declare how obviously synchronistic it was that one day she's talking about how horrible it would be if this were to happen, something she had not brought up for a very long time, and the next day it happens, something which I can't remember happening over all fourteen years of her life; my wife nodded enthusiastically, and I thought my point was made and accepted, and continued to eat satisfied that I was right.

Here's the fun part In My Opinion, my son, the atheist, after a minute or two disagrees with me. Here are his words the best I can remember them: "No it's simple, both chilies look the same, that's the whole reason why she brought it up last night in the first place. Then, because they look so similar, the mistake actually happened. There's no synchronicity going on here, what happened was very likely to happen, otherwise she wouldn't have thought about it last night."

I was very proud of the rationality my son expressed and decided he was probably right. My wife didn't agree, but eh, that's what makes our house fun.

Author:  jess [ 08 Nov 2007, 12:23 ]
Post subject: 

Ahhh! How wonderful!

We need more people like that in the world!

It's always great (in my four years experience) to have children show how smart they can be!

Author:  kirass [ 29 Oct 2017, 10:08 ]
Post subject:  Re: My kids are the coolest

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Post subject:  Re: My kids are the coolest

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