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One of the most misunderstood dog breeds is the American Pit Bull Terrier. People tend to love the animal or hate it; in some cases this is based on experience in others only rumor.

During the nineteenth century Bulldogs were crossed with Terriers in hopes of creating a dog with the gameness of the Terrier and the toughness of the Bulldog. This combination created a versatile dog which became a favorite of farmers and ranchers in Europe and the United States. Uses for the animal included hunting , moving livestock, protection, and family companionship.

The Pit Bull us a medium sized dog with full grown adults weighing in from twenty-two pounds to potentially one hundred pounds, and stand eighteen to twenty-two inches high. The dog is very solidly built and has very well-defined musculature.

The coat if the Pit Bull Terrier has a glossy sheen , is short but very thick and is smooth but stiff to the touch. To rid the coat of loose hair occasionally brush with a firm bristle brush. Also regularly rub down the coat with a chamois cloth to clean the coat as well as buff the glossy shine. The coat colors for the breed can be as simple as black or white or a variety of color combinations.

Despite the reputation the Pit Bull breed is one of the most loyal, devoted, good-natured, affectionate dogs available. The animal is extremely fun and intelligent with the energy and enthusiasm for frisbee and ball games. They are also big lovers of people and early socialization is needed to teach good manners. With older children the dog does very well , but smaller children do not mix well with them. With other animals in the home they do very well with ones they were raised with, but they will show aggression to other dogs and smaller animals. Though they are very protective of their family, the breed does not make a good guard dog due to their social tendency with people.

Pit Bulls are very active dogs which need to be exercised vigorously every day. Play time of chasing a ball, hiking , catching a frisbee, or running with a mountain bike are some of the activities that dog thrives with. If exercised sufficiently the dog can live in an apartment with no problems. Otherwise a yard will be needed for more exercise time.

Pit Bull ownership is not for everyone though. The breed has a reputation for being overly aggressive and in some cities ownership is regulated and even not allowed. This reputation is not necessarily deserved, as the dog is not at fault as much as the owner. The dogs tend to be aggressive with strange dogs and they possess a high prey drive. A responsible owner who can properly care for, train , and exercise them is needed to have a great dogowner relationship. Vigilance is needed to ensure the dog does not roam unsupervised and remains on-leash when in public places. If aggression is ever shown toward a human being, which is actually uncharacteristic, the dog should be evaluated by a professional to determine the problem that needs corrected.
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If you are considering a Pit Bull as your next pet, you can search for Pit Bulls for sale online from the top breeders at Find A Pet Online. If you breed American Pit Bull Terriers and would like to advertise your pets for sale please check out our affordable pet classifieds and consider listing your kennel.

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The dream of complete and total health is extremely realistic! It's all about taking the proper steps and a positive daily mind set. In just a few short weeks , you can make that bend in your road which will lead you to a fantastically healthy lifestyle.

Before you even begin to change your life, you need to drastically switch your mind set. Don't skip over this step! Any goal you set will fail if there is not passion behind it. Why do you want a healthy life? Why is now the time to take control? What do you want to remember every day in your quest for health? Ponder these questions and then write down those answers. Once you?ve done this, post your answers where you can see them. Make them your own personal mission statement. Most importantly, go over these statements each day of your life.

Next , get your medical health in order. Have you been avoiding the doctor so you wouldn't have to stand on the "dreaded scale?" Maybe you just haven?t thought about it. Well, now is the time to make those appointments and see your physician. One of the greatest parts of physical health is ?preventative care." You only get one shot at taking care of this body of yours?have those yearly screenings and physical checks. If you don't have health insurance, now is time to get it. With services out there such as Health Plan One, you can select an affordable health insurance plan that fits your lifestyle and your budget.

Finding a physical sport you love is your next assignment. Whatever it may be , swimming, tennis, walking, hiking , it doesn't matter. Find something that gets you moving and let it become an activity you can't live without! Working out is time for ourselves. Typically we don't take enough time out for ourselves and end up paying for it in pounds. Make working out a treat and something you don't give up for anyone.

Your trip to complete and total health is almost there. Remember when people used to rely on their own gardens and fresh picked fruits for feeding their families? This is what we need to get back to! This doesn't necessarily mean you need to rip out your lawn and plant a massive garden. Just spend the bulk of your time in the produce section when you shop for groceries. Make food from scratch and know what is going in the mouths of your loved ones. Making a healthy meal doesn't mean going to a lot of work. Find foods filled with fiber and nutrition. Stay away from high fat foods and learn to enjoy the "simpler" things in life. Typica.

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