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PostPosted: 18 Feb 2010, 21:51 
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Gentle Dentistry are scam artists!!!

By: Upsetpatron

I know many of you who read this everyday might see this as repetitive, but I am trying to reach out to everyone the best I can. I posted a complaint about Gentle Dentistry warning dental assistants or anyone looking for dental assistant jobs about this places business practices. I complained about them forcing the scientology religion on employees, to only giving the employees 10 or 15 minute breaks working 10 or 11 hour shifts. I have received an overwhelming amount of emails from old employees to old patients. We are currently sending our complaint to the dept of labor and we encourage anyone who worked for them who experienced abuse to do the same. Remember the investigators who work for the dept of labor are truly there for the right of workers. When it comes to legit complaints, they are an abused employee’s best friend and are more than willing to help you out. Second for those patients who have been ripped off by the double billing, and threats of collections to contact channel 2 news. I received a large amount of emails form patients who complained of the exact same thing. The patients were told one price in the beginning, and then were billed an additional amount month later. The excuses range from the insurance didn't pay the estimated amount, to the work cost more than expected. I have a witness who worked in that department who has witnessed this and says that it’s a bunch of bull. They were being told to double bill your insurance, and threat you will collections for more than you had agreed upon paying. They want you to believe that you are the only one this has happened too, so you just pay and go on with your life. The truth is they do it to almost everyone. They have unlinked staffs who work on your mouth and I have even received emails form some horror stories of pain and discomfort that patients received. This message is to let everyone know that you not alone, you are part of a large population that have been ripped off by this company and do not know it. Please if anyone knows anyone who has been to gentle dentistry, refer them to this message. I also recommend any other complaints sent to the dept of labor, the BBB, and also the Channel 2 news web site. When you go to the website, click on the 2 on your side button on the right of the red banner, scroll down to contact us. There you can share your story and hopefully get these scam artist the publicity the deserve!!

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