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PostPosted: 18 Jul 2008, 21:27 
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This is a matter of urgency for anyone involved in any type ofprofessional artistic endeavor. We've recently received more information about the current status ofthe Orphan Works Bill. It appears that the House Judiciary Committeemay mark-up the bill this week. The impact of the Orphan Works Bill and the resultant changes incopyright law go far beyond us, and far beyond today. As the bill iscurrently written, it will, with no doubt, affect the future of ourcountry's creative industries. We are forwarding you a copy of an email written by Brad Holland andCynthia Turner, for the Board of the Illustrators' Partnership. Weurge you to take a minute of your time to read through the letter andtake appropriate action As Soon As Possible. Please click on the links below for additional information. The firstpdf is a Q & A that explains many of the issues. The second pdf is aflow chart that demonstrates the copyright process now and as it willbe if the bill is passed. ... illust.pdf ... wchart.jpg FROM THE ILLUSTRATORS' PARTNERSHIP Here's a short letter we're proposing for Committee members. Pleasefeel free to modify it and use it as your own. Dear Honorable ________________, As an artist and a small business owner, I'm writing to oppose H.R.5889, the Orphan Works Act of 2008 as currently drafted. Pleasesupport the amendments submitted jointly by the Illustrators'Partnership of America, the Artists Rights Society and theAdvertising Photographers of America. Otherwise, please do not votethis bill out of committee until Congress can hold proper hearingsinto the harm it will do to small businesses, individual creators andordinary citizens. While I support a bill that would give libraries and museums alegitimate expansion of fair use, H.R. 5889 is far too broad. Itwould cause trillions of dollars of private property to betransferred into the control of a few corporate databases with noguarantee as to how these assets will be protected, used or abused.It will undermine the passive copyright protection that all citizensnow enjoy - and that threatens individual creativity, freedom ofexpression and the right to privacy embodied in copyright law. There is no reason for the reckless scope of this bill. It is basedon a Copyright Office study of orphaned work. Yet it will permit theinfringement of contemporary work by creators working in today'scommercial markets - a subject the Copyright Office never studied.Its stated purpose is to let libraries and museums digitize theircollections and let ordinary folks duplicate family photos. But thesemodest goals can be met with a modest expansion of Fair Use. I do notbelieve citizens should have to hand over their personal intellectualproperty to a few corporate special interests. The unintendedconsequences of this bill could be a rights grab of monumentalproportions. Please look behind the talking points of the special interestspromoting the Orphan Works Act. Do not support a major revision ofcopyright law without an open, informed and transparent public debate. Sincerely, Your name Email it to House Judiciary Committee members using this deep link.Download the text of this letter, copy it onto your own letterheadand fax it to members of the House Judiciary Committee. (list isavailable at ... eelist.pdf) --Brad Holland and Cynthia Turner, for the Board of the Illustrators'Partnership recommend using this template letter 2 ways: Over 60 organizations, numbering over 250,000 creators, are united inopposing this bill in its current form. Illustrators, photographers,fine artists, songwriters, musicians, and countless licensing firmsall believe this bill will harm their small businesses. Don't Let Congress Orphan Your Work

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