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A Facsimile Rosicrucian Alchemical Manuscript On the Philoso
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Author:  Hex [ 26 Oct 2008, 21:01 ]
Post subject:  A Facsimile Rosicrucian Alchemical Manuscript On the Philoso


A Facsimile Rosicrucian Alchemical Manuscript On the Philosophers Stone.

Containing the Three Magisteriums of the Art
Attributed to Edward Kelley 1592-97

The companion of Dr. John Dee

From an unpublished handwritten notebook circa 1860 which reflects the secret alchemical traditions of the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia and the Hermetic Society of the Golden Dawn

The original notebook of 1860 appeared in the collection of a practising alchemist, now deceased.

It has never been part of a large collection, never publicly viewed, nor its contents printed before.

Alchemical manuscript

Finely bound in an edition of 500 copies, each copy in full black niger with dark non-pareil marbled endpapers chosen to match the original manuscript notebook. Pages sewn in signatures, endpapers stiff-leaved to the text.

To the front of each copy is a gilt talisman designed after a Rosicrucian emblem found at the end of the manuscript: a squared cross of parallel lines enclosing the four letters I.N.R.I. in gothic characters, surrounding a tripartite crown, each corner of the device flanked by decorative scrolls and leaves.

The body of the text is an exact reproduction of the handwritten original, reproduced by offset lithography onto 120gsm oyster wove paper and displaying all the features of the manuscript pages in full.


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