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 Post subject: Just a bit of my writing
PostPosted: 16 Feb 2008, 10:23 
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I don't have many talents - photography, singing and creative writing are pretty much it. I work on honing my writing skills the most, even though it's not exactly where I want to go in life - it's just a hobby, really. I mostly write fan fiction, which if some of you have never heard of it is stories featuring characters from novels, cartoons, TV shows and films, or even celebrities. My fan fiction centres on three different fandoms - the band Hanson, the TV show Supernatural, and the Harry Potter franchise.

Basically, I started work on a new story on New Year's Day, and I'd like to share some of it with you all. I do have other works I'm happy to post bits of, but as this story is holding my attention the most it's the one I picked. It's a Hanson fanfic, but it isn't necessary to know who Hanson is to be able to read this. I titled it Defying Gravity, after the song from the musical Wicked.

* * *

The email from my editor had come through at seven o’clock that morning, a time on a Sunday when most people are still in bed. But not me. At seven on a Sunday morning, I’ve already been up for half an hour at the very least. This is purely because Schuyler, my dearest friend and roommate, makes so much noise as she gets ready for work that I find it hard to sleep beyond six-thirty.

This is not to say, of course, that I usually am in any way coherent so early in the morning.

“Skya?” I called out cautiously as I finished reading the email. I wasn’t sure if she had left already – for all her clattering around as she gets ready for work, Schuyler tends to be as quiet as a mouse when she actually leaves our apartment.

“Yeah?” my roommate called back. Schuyler’s voice had an echoing quality to it, which meant she was in the bathroom, most likely in the middle of doing her makeup.

“Can you come here, please?”

“I’m sure I can, Bel – it’s a matter of whether or not I actually want to.”

I sighed and closed my eyes briefly. “Could you come here, please?” I called, choosing to rephrase my question. It was my own stupid fault for forgetting that Schuyler could be rather particular about how she chose to interpret certain words – for that, I blamed being up at what I considered an unholy hour.

“That’s more like it.” Within a minute she had exited the bathroom and had come out into the kitchen area of our apartment. I sat at our kitchen table with my laptop set up in front of me and a mug of hazelnut coffee close at hand, and Outlook Express open on the screen. “What’s up?”

“There should be a law against being awake so damn early on a weekend,” I grumbled. “Read that.” I indicated the email and scooted backward so that Schuyler didn’t have to bend down over my shoulder just to read what was on my laptop screen.

It didn’t take her long to read it. “You get to do an interview. So what?” she asked as she straightened up.

I cocked an eyebrow and eyed her. “That in itself proves you didn’t read the whole thing. Who am I interviewing, Skya?”

“Hanson. What’s that got to do with-” It didn’t take long for it to dawn on her. “Oh.”

“‘Oh’ is right, Skya.” I shook my hands to get the cuffs of my oversized dressing gown down around my elbows and started counting off on my fingers. “One, I’ve never heard a Hanson song in my life, so why Stephen wants me to interview them I have no idea. Two, the last time Stephen sent me out on assignment it was a complete disaster. And three, how the hell am I supposed to get there from here? We don’t exactly live in Manhattan, you know.”

“Bel, first things first – calm down,” Schuyler said. She pulled out one of the kitchen chairs and sat herself down on it. “Let’s look at this rationally.”

I snorted. “Wishful thinking, that.”

She ignored this. “One, I’m guessing that’s exactly why Stephen has asked you to take this assignment. You have no preconceived ideas about the band, and so you can be completely unbiased. Two, the last time Stephen sent you out on assignment you’d only just started at High Fidelity – you weren’t as experienced. And three, you can take the subway, or you can come to work with me on Wednesday and walk to Radio City from there.” She gave me a smile. “You’ve got nothing to worry about, Bel. Honestly. I’ll come along for moral support if you like. It gives me an excuse to ditch work early, plus I get to see my boyfriend.”

“Your boyfriend?” It was then my turn to come to a realisation. “Oh, you’re talking about Mark. Is that who Mark is?”

“Yes, that’s who Mark is.” She smirked at me. “He has a twin brother, by the way. And said brother is not only gorgeous, but he’s very much unattached. You might get lucky.” She winked at me, and got up.


"How do you document real life when real life's getting more like fiction each day?"
--Mark Cohen, Rent

PostPosted: 16 Feb 2008, 19:42 
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Nice start. Hope there's more coming :popcorn:

PostPosted: 02 Apr 2008, 21:26 
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I've read too much smut lately...

I hear twin brother and my mind goes off in a certain direction...

uh... is that where it's supposed to go?

Chloride and Sodium: Two terribly dangerous substances that taste great together!

PostPosted: 12 May 2017, 07:40 

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Hey dear I really like your writing style. My career past almost relevant to your story actually I am video editor with 5 years experienced and recently I am joining a video making agency : corporate presentations and I have many of work for portfolio.

PostPosted: 21 Nov 2017, 03:07 

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Hmm... i think i am not a good writer ;d


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