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the guys are sending millions of bogus data packets to one of our IP addresses, clogging our network connections, which in turn makes it hard for legitimate traffic to get through (although some does). Blocking the IP address of the sender doesn help for long since it spoofed, the packets can be made to look like they come from anywhere, when in fact they are coming from many different places (thus the aspect). As well, the filtering has to be done upstream on our bandwidth provider network. We are working with our upstream to block the attacks as they happen, but they keep changing the spoofed address and the IP that they are attacking. Thursday, it appeared as though the company has not yet resolved the issue:

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If you don't have the time or interest in setting up a home or communitybased recycling program, there are ways to recycle file folders or repurpose and reuse them that are simple and easy. For example, shredded paper makes excellent bedding or cage lining for small animals. Likewise, shredded paper, even heavy paper like file folders, can be used to help absorb moisture and orders from trashcans and compost bins. Other ideas include:

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