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PostPosted: 24 Jul 2018, 00:51 
The Power to Scry

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Great Relationships are a step beyond "good relationships" because the "ordinary myths" about relationships need to be broken to get to that "extraordinary" level of "Greatness." If you are OK with ho-hum relationships, that's fine. Go for it.

But if you want something really powerful and deep, you've got to go beyond the "ordinary."

You've got to set aside your prejudices about men and women and relationships and marriage. You've got to set aside all the media and movie hype and statistics and court cases. You've got to set aside the "Hollywood" vision of marriage and relationship. All that stuff is just garbage that will be in your way!

But first you
have to surrender your ideas that there are differences in the core needs of men and women, and that there are differences in the capacity and basic, inborn skill of men and women to be in relationships.

That we think or believe that way is due to cultural stereotyping. I'd like to ask you to put those ideas out of your head. Great Relationships proceed from the concept of total Relationship Equality and that in our true, core being, there is very little difference between individuals in what we all want from relationships. At our true, core self, that part of us that wants love, understanding and connection, it does not matter whether we are man or woman, old or young, nor what color or creed we come from.

In 25 years of working with families and couples I can say that I truly believe and have observed that men and women are basically equal in

--What they need in relationships --their core needs
--Ability to learn and absorb the skills necessary for Great Relationships
--Their ability to think, feel, understand and work with the Secrets of Great Relationships

If you have a problem with this, or think that, for example, women are superior in expression of feelings, or men in the expression of thinking-- or other such stereotypical views, I ask you each to lay down those prejudices right now and take up your marriage together as true and complete equals.

You'll get MUCH farther in your goal to have a Great Relationship and true satisfaction and happiness in life with a partner (and in all other areas of life as well) if you will simply lay aside the useless prejudicial distinctions between men and women, old and young, creeds and colors. If you insist on those kinds of discriminations, you are going to greatly inhibit your ability to get the kind of incredible, dramatic transformation that is required for a Great Relationship.
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