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the heated to your own hair keratin
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Author:  betrees [ 15 May 2019, 10:08 ]
Post subject:  the heated to your own hair keratin

in hot fusion, the fuses are pasted with the heated to your own human hair wigs uk hair keratin.
- cold fusion: the hair keratin are glued with cold, and hung with metal rings.
for the present, the hair is divided into several parts, the fa? the horizontal. the clips are installed in the root of hair on top of the lower cover. same thing for the extensions to fusion: they are stuck to the root of the hair, as a result of horizontal divisions. ... -Hair.html

hair extensions, how? a is it?
some extensions to sleep with their music, but it is advisable to take to keep them in good condition. do not sleep with the extension of taking a shower or bath. they should be washed gently with a shampoo every 6 uses.
of course, the extension may not be removed from the melt on a daily basis, but wearing a scarf around the head to sleep, they will last longer.

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