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Teachers Cheap Andrew Robertson Jersey , and especially first-time teachers, strive to improve upon their communications with parents. As a cornerstone of your students' education, it is essential to involve the parents and provide avenues for them to communicate with you as well.

Parental Newsletters

A weekly or monthly newsletter sent home to every parent is a good way to keep parents in the loop about the classroom. Many teachers now also send their newsletters via email. The newsletter can incorporate information about subject lessons, projects, upcoming field trips and school functions Cheap Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain Jersey , as well as provide opportunities and suggestions for how parents can get involved. Include clip art or other graphics among your teaching supplies that you can use to spice up the newsletter.

Friday Folders

Friday folders, or homework folders as they are often called, are a good place for teachers to communicate with parents once a week on an individual level. Write a short note on special note paper from a teacher supply store with each child's take-home folder to alert parents to possible problems, to ask for feedback, or to express positive feedback about a child's work. Encourage the parents to write back by taping the note to the inside of the Friday folder with masking tape and leaving space for the parents' comments underneath.

Email Correspondence

Email is an excellent way to communicate with parents individually. It can be done from anywhere you have internet access Cheap Alex Manninger Jersey , and better yet, it is quick and effective. Invite parents to email you too; for many busy families, this is the preferred form of communication. A short note from a parent addressing a concern about their child is easily answered by you during lunch break or afternoon recess.

Some classes also set up a class email group to share information among all the classroom parents. It is an easy way for parents to get involved in class activities and to be kept in the loop when something needs to be done or communicated.

Communicate Available Hours

It's perfectly acceptable to tell parents about the best time to reach you and your preferred method of communicating. If you're willing to talk in the moments directly before or after school, then make a point of sharing this with parents. With so many means of communicating in the modern classroom, sometimes it's difficult for parents to tell which way is less of a burden on the teacher. Make it easy for them to contact you by being direct about what works best for you within your busy schedule.

Be Flexible

As a teacher Cheap Alberto Moreno Jersey , you will meet all types of parents with a wide range of communication preferences. As much as you can, be sensitive and flexible to the ways parents communicate. You both have the best interest of the student in mind, so see your relationship with the parents as a partnership, instead of as an adversarial relationship.

Improvements in parent-teacher communication result in better interactions with students and a better educational environment all around. The above ideas highlight a number of ways to develop solid, effective Cheap Adam Lallana Jersey , constant communication with parents.
Just Do It! Just Take Your Career Step?

Everyone admires those who can just do it. That's why the Nike ads were so successful--they resonated with people. Many of us at some time or another will complain of feeling 'stuck?. We say we're not ready; we need to do more research or get another degree or more experience. We blame our parents, ourselves, the job market. We complain about all those things we still haven't done and yet we postpone taking action. When will we be ready to just do it?

When I lived in San Diego, California, I produced an afternoon radio program that went to air live from 3 to 6 p.m. I used to arrive early and start digging for good stories to feature. I was always searching for what we called in the business ?good radio??people and stories that would touch the heart and add value to daily life. My search for the perfect show could have been endless. There was always one more telephone call I needed to make or one more lead to chase down. But every day at 3 p.m. I had to go to air with a show. There could be no more preparing or postponing. It was showtime. I was forced to just do it.

Wouldn't it be great if our lives worked like that?at a certain time every day or week Cheap Adam Bogdan Jersey , our ?producer? walked in and said: ?Okay, it's show time. Just do it!? If you were forced to just do it, how would your life be different today? What have you been postponing?

Knowledge may be power, but knowledge that lies dormant in your brain will not move your life forward. It's what you do with what you know that will make a difference in your life.

The critical first step is to face your fear, recognize it Replica AC Milan Jerseys , feel it and endure it. Here's the secret of leaders: Fear is uncomfortable but it doesn't have to stop you. The goal is not to rinse fear out of your body (which is something most people attempt to do), or wait for it to disappear altogether before taking action, (you'll be waiting a long time). Rather, take action while simultaneously feeling the fear. This is what successful people do. Make it okay for fear to live inside you and at the same time want to push beyond it. As soon as you take one step beyond your fear, (a risk) Custom AC Milan Jerseys , something magical happens. You grow self-confidence which will activate your courage. And when you feel courageous, you will be able to face more of your fears, which will allow you to tackle more projects and take more risks, and so on. This is what it means to just do it.

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