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Fun Facts About Surveying: Theodolites Augusto Fernandez Jersey , Famous Surveyors & More Fun Facts About Surveying: Theodolites, Famous Surveyors & More September 17, 2015 | Author: Carey Bourdier | Posted in Education
There have been surveyors around almost as long as people have been on the planet. While the early surveyors who helped construct Stonehenge and other ancient artifacts might not have had formal schooling, their skills helped build monuments that stood for thousands of years. In ancient Egypt and Rome, surveying was a revered profession and these individuals help build roads and buildings and even the Pyramids.

Surveyors use a variety of tools, including clinometers or inclinometers, compasses and GPS. One of the most common tools used by surveyors is the theodolite, an optical instrument which measures angles in the vertical and horizontal plane. The first theodolites date back to the early 16th century and perhaps the most famous theodolites were the Ramsden theodolites, which were used to create detailed surveys of Great Britain as well as India.

Theodolites are still quite similar to the ones used hundreds of years ago, although today’s optical instruments tend to be even more accurate. A total station is special device that has improved on the traditional theodolite and is quite popular with professional surveyors. This device is an optical instrument that not only includes a transit theodolite, it also contains an EDM or electronic distance meter and it records measurements for the surveyor.

Some of the world’s greatest historical figures have worked as surveyors. In the United States, this includes George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln. However, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark are perhaps the most famous American surveyors. Benjamin Banneker is another notable surveyor. Banneker, the son of freed slaves, was an autodidact who eventually worked with team that surveyed the original borders of the District of Columbia.

Surveyors around the world can join in on the fun of International Surveyors Week, which is set annually in June. The highlight of the week is Survey Earth in Day Antoine Griezmann Jersey , which also is known as SEAID. During this event, thousands of surveyors collect GPS data from known survey markers near their residence and share it with other surveyors. Any professional surveyor can use a GPS, total station or theodolite and get in on this event. During the most recent SEIAD event, more than 2,000 surveyors sent in data.

One fun activity that quite a few surveyors enjoy is geocaching, which isn’t actually surveying, but rather locating hidden caches using a GPS receiver. You can look for these fun hidden items or you also might consider hunting down some of the survey markers around the United States that the National Geodetic Survey has put in place. These markers are all over the country, on the tops of mountains, in cities and in many other locations. Unlike regular surveying, where you might need a total station or a theodolite and tripod, you just need a GPS receiver for these activities.

Carey Bourdier loves blogging about precision scientific instruments. For more information about surveying products like a surveyor compass, or to find other alignment instruments, visit the Warren Knight site today.

UC San Diego for Dummies UC San Diego for Dummies April 1, 2013 | Author: Philip David | Posted in Education

If you want the best quality from your scholastic life, University of California, San Diego can definitely suit you perfectly. It provides a plethora of courses to suit everyone. Further, the more popular majors are Economics Angel Correa Jersey , Political Science, Biology, Psychology, Communication and Media Studies. Having said that, it doesn’t really mean much which major you declare for the reason that curriculum as well as educators are above and beyond excellent.

The university has put in place a six-college system that allows each college to focus on their particular field intimately and completely. One thing I have grown to love about UCSD is it has enabled me to get to know everyone in my college much better. The professors are notably helpful and intelligent, not to mention their array of accomplishments and accolades. Coupled with their college system, you can even create a solid rapport with them and actually learn much about the real world.

This university caters to more than 20,000 students. More than half of the student population get at least one kind of scholarship grant or financial aid from the many programs the school offers. You also have the option of living in one the dormitories on campus or not. Most of the students drive around the campus, but it I discovered walking to be more relaxing.

Another part of UCSD which sets it above and beyond others in California is the campus. It’s situated near to the Pacific Ocean and takes up an extensive area of nature and buildings. It has a public museum, aquarium and even an Outdoor Shake Table, which considered as one of the biggest structure stability test facility in the United States. You can also venture outdoors and find yourself looking at the shore or wander even further to find your pick of places to eat and also shopping centers. Group organizations and clubs provide you with recreational and in many cases education exercises to suit every one of your needs. It features a comfortable atmosphere that removes the many pressures and fatigue from the classroom.

The university provides quite a number of student services such as tutorials, health insurance, consultation, safety and security measures. It even provides aid for those learning that happen to be disabled students with tools plus special transportation vehicles to help make it more convenient for them to be able to go navigate around the campus.

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