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Despite what most people say New York Knicks Throwback Jersey , when you think about it, how annoying is calorie counting?? I mean really! Who wants to sit there all day and subtract calorie after calorie from a daily tally each time they eat something? Not only that, but who wants to have to stop themselves from eating something that is good for them just because they ran out of calories for the day?? When you think about it, who does that??

Now, to some people calorie counting might make some weird way. And it might be easy and fun for them...or something like that. But the rest of us don't care to be bothered by even more constant numbers in our lives. Not only that but have you considered how annoying it must be to have to calorie count in social events? If you go out to eat, I can pretty much guarantee that there are very few, if any, restaurants that actually provide the calorie count of the menu items. Oh and if you are attending a family function or a friend's dinner party, how rude is it to ask about the calorie count of each food served??

If those reasons don't make you want to run, think about the fact that counting calories is so boring! In fact, it's so boring that you will end up estimating all day long; the calorie count of each food is based on the weight so if you're estimating the weight and possibly estimating with a lower number, then your calorie count is already off. Then you realize you're eating less...but somehow you're not losing weight! And then you start to panic and all of a sudden, eating becomes this horribly stressful task to make sure you're eating enough calories and are still losing weight.

Doesn't sound fun, right? Well, don't worry because there is definitely an easier way to lose weight without having to swim in numbers all day! It's not about having to count calories but, keep in mind, it's still important to know what calories are and which foods contain empty calories. And to answer your question, calories are a source of energy for your body so eating calories is important for everyone, especially for physically active individuals. Here are some great guidelines to think about so you don't have to follow strict, demanding rules:

1. Make wise food choices:
The key here is to learn what the best foods to eat actually are. We all know that fried chicken is bad for you, but did you also know that even breaded food, including fish New Orleans Pelicans Throwback Jersey , is also not good for you? The basic foods you should always be eating are meats (think chicken, beef, and fish), vegetables, fruits and multi-grain products (think multi-grain breads and pastas). These are foods you should always eat, regardless of the calorie count. Other foods, such as pastries and other sweets, should always be eaten in moderation. But, some foods, like fried foods, fast foods and other junk, should just be avoided all together! You body is a finely tuned engine, so treat it to the best fuel possible!!

2. Drink carefully:
The best thing to drink, hands down, is water, period. The second best is herbal tea. The worst? Alcohol, sodas, sports drinks, fruit juice, milky stuff, such as smoothies. So here's what you do, don't drink those worst things! Instead Minnesota Timberwolves Throwback Jersey , make sure to drink plenty of water and plenty of herbal tea! Green tea is caffeinated and actually has more caffeine than coffee so choose that instead in the morning. Make sure to always keep yourself well hydrated, whether you do or don't exercise.

3. Small but more:
What that means is basically - smaller portions more often. Instead of 3 large meals a day, choose 5-6 smaller meals throughout the day. This will keep your metabolism up, which is good for those who are not exercising and for those who do exercise, it's even better! Not only that but eating more in smaller portions will keep you away from those horrible vending machines full of junk!

So you can now throw that whole calorie counting idea out the window when it comes to successful ways to lose weight because that is clearly not an effective one or even fun for that matter! Make wise health decisions and you won't have to work so hard to lose weight!
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