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Interfaces aim at getting things done through interaction. The prime job of a designer at User experience design Auckland is in developing an interface which would assist the user in getting to the website’s UI which means the end.
An icon aids in transmitting the meaning through symbols, thus making them impeccable for an interface where the individual can learn its mechanisms merely through graphics and the elements.
UX design London enlists varied ways on how icons can help in improving the output of a website’s UX.
Improved Navigation
Icons aid the users to browse through a website solely based on graphics. Thus, it is recommended to apply icons to your website, essentially those which are more acquaint able amongst the masses. One can also apply icons for links to make it clearer to the audience.
Furthermore, it is advisable to add labels containing texts for links in order to distinguish it from other usual icons which are used for navigation.
A three-bar menu which is known as hamburger menu is applied nowadays to the website. Though previously it was relented by designers, it is slowly gaining its popularity as a symbol.
One good example of how icons aid in navigation can be seen on the menu of Inc. Along with using the hamburger icon, it also uses text label “menu”, which elucidates the purpose of the icon to users. The users can also see plus signs which would direct them to the sub-links.
Sites like Mashable use mega navigation drop-down menu which further indicates tiny downward-looking arrows to identify drop-down menus.
Though these arrows may not be important, yet one cannot deny the use of icons in assisting the users to navigate through the site easily.
Describing forms
Icons aid in creating a trust amongst the users especially in sites which contain forms for email signup, forms containing 4-5 inputs, login, and simple contact form.
The website, Life Could Be Better, shows a small envelope symbol beside the signup form. Similar icons are used for social media links and contact too. As it is easier to convey a message through an icon, WebDAM trail page uses customized symbols for every field, which disappear once the user enters the next page.
Pointers and Topographies
Every website enlists a plethora of features to attract its users, which usually ends up leaving them bored. User interface design Bangkok recommends using symbols to elucidate these features as icons and graphics make it simpler to convey the meaning to the user, keeping them engaged.
The symbols of Light CMS are bright and thin blending them well with the interface, simplifying the purpose of the site and what they offer.
Disqus page offers the users customized icons in tandem to the design. One can also find a lot of icons which can be downloaded for free from this site.
Wrap up
As symbols and icons nowadays make a natural part of various websites, mobile apps and software, User Experience design Auckland recommends to keep oneself updated regarding the various trends, as the styles and designs keep changing constantly.

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