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PostPosted: 02 Apr 2009, 09:11 
I am an atheist. I am not Pagan, I have been interested in Shamanism, I've been interested in everything seen as religious but as atheist I have no faith in it.

But as an experience I know how it feels to be in presence of something more powerful than me.

gods are usually referred to as the King or the Lord or infinite or mighty power.

The Thunder and Lightning when me a child was referred to as Thor roaming the Sky and him using his Hammer and that was the lightning. Grown ups loved to see our reactions to such stories.

In School they say that God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit was the most powerful cause they as one god created the whole Universe.

Science told us that a dense singularity suddenly got more of Matter and thus expanded to what we have now. Very powerful that one too.

when I was about 12 years old then Elvis was the most powerful if you wanted to get near a girl. Cause they loved Elvis as the King.

I know nothing about Pagan Gods. Whom is seen as the most compassionate of them?

Whom among the Pagan gods use his or her power to help humans with their trouble?

Jesus and Amida is known to use their power to help humans.

Does Pagans have something similar?

Goddess of Mercy? Mercedes?

en.wikipedia dot org/ wiki/Guan_Yin

She seems to come near. Ok she is Buddhist but could her not be based on an old Goddess from more ancient Pagan origins?

The Goddess of Mercy = Earth Mother seen as the Mother of all and would not that be compassionate? What else to name it?

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